A support person and an understanding employer are the key to find a job

June 02, 2016

Within the framework of Positive Attitude Development Project Estonian local partners Helpific and Tallinn Mental Health Center (TMHC) organized meetings with the project's target group members at Iru Youth House and Pelguranna Therapy Center. 

Our local partners introduced Positive Attitude Development Project in the units and encouraged the young people with mental health problems to participate in the media campaign of P.A.D project. Focus group interviews were carried out, where participants were asked about their experience in finding work and in working.

The basic idea of the Club House is a work-oriented day and there are activities in office-, kitchen- and work units. This means that a lot of activities are directed towards the clients’ (re)-entering of the labor market. Every Club House member has his own activity supervisor, who helps to move towards the goals and to whom one can always turn for advice. The Club House members have had different work experiences – they work as trolley locators, packers, janitors, attendants, security guards, bakers. They found work through acquaintances and from work portals. While working, the club members have experienced different attitudes from the employer – some respondents didn’t feel that they were somehow treated differently, but it was also brought out that employers treat them with prejudice and they want a person who could do the work quickly. Lack of special education, difficulties in finding part-time work, heavy competition, low stress tolerance, difficulties in waking up in the morning and also illnesses have limited the possibilities to find work. A more understanding attitude, a flexible part-time work, different courses, training and support is expected from the employer.

Iru Youth House supports young people in recovering from the first psychosis, individual support and group activities are offered and necessary skills for independent life are developed. Young people in Iru Youth House have for example worked as drivers, cleaners and waiters. The obstacles in continuing the work were the absence of a work contract, the delay of salary, rapid work pace, health problems, complicated relations with fellow workers and problems with tardiness. Lack of self-confidence, difficulties in communicating with the others and low knowledge of Estonian language have prevented finding work. A support person to go to the job interview with, would be of great help. There is a wish to find part-time work that is not at night-time, also internship would work. Work has been found through acquaintances and from CV-Online.

The purpose of the group activities taking place in Pelguranna Therapy Centers, is to help the mentally ill people to find their inner strength and abilities. In therapy centers, the main problems are considered to be the lack of part-time work, the location of the work is not suitable, insufficient work experience and also that the mind can let one down. Belonging somewhere and material security is what is liked about in working. Two interview participants also attend school and the illness has not interfered with it. Simpler jobs are looked for and it is safer to go to the job interview with the support person. Previously, work has also been found through the Unemployment Office.

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