October 13, 2016

We got feedback to the campaign from NGO “Estonian Asperger Association”:

“From the neurodiversity angle you can say that a lot of peculiarities accompanying talent do not in fact represent a disorder nor anything else pathological. A person should be seen, understood and accepted as a whole and one should not try to compulsively close one’s eyes to some things that the person is doing differently compared to the others. A talent should also not be seen only from a utilitarian or instrumental angle (“this-and-that characteristic helps my enterprise to get more profit due to this freak” or “this-and-that could help a person with an (autistic spectrum or mental health) disorder to gain material success, what more there is”), but the person himself should be valued irrespective of the things he is not able to do so well as the others. With the influence of this holistic approach, talent shall be automatically revealed in a most perfected way, but when a person himself is not valued, then focusing on talent is of no use.”

Thank you for the observation!

The animation was made within the “Positive Attitude Development” to decrease the prejudice and shame in society related to mental health disorders, to promote social involvement and the employment of young people with mental health problems.

Insufficient awareness of mental health disorders creates groundless prejudice. Help along - be more aware.

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